First, a little about us...


We began with six sustainable fine fragrances, each crafted by world-class perfumers without the additives and toxins that many big brands use. Then we translated three of those award-winning scents into earth-friendly (and you-friendly) candles, using the same mindful approach. 

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They’re filled by hand in Greenfield, Massachusetts, using a custom blend of 80% vegetable wax and 20% food-grade paraffin to produce the cleanest burn possible. They also come in a reusable custom ceramic vessel, so your candle can live on as a paper clip holder, planter or decorative knick-knack.

About our candles.

"I can't say enough about your fragrances—I am so pleased. And the candle I ordered: Howl. This candle leaves my home smelling so incredible and relaxing. Thank you for such beautiful scents. You are one of a kind."


Each candle is at least 8oz, and offers 50 hours of burn time. We use the highest-quality fragrance oil (no bad stuff), and include twice as much as the average candle does. We also use 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. 

Let's get lit, shall we?

They’re normally $68, but you can get yours for 15% off using the code DOTHEHUSTLE.